NOSaprs - APRS for JNOS and TNOS

Last updated Friday, June 24, 2005

This page needs to be reorganized, it's more for reference purposes now, since NOSaprs is somewhat incorporated into the JNOS 2.0 project, which has been my focus for the last year now. I will post the odd update kit for those of you that are still running JNOS 1.11f or TNOS 2.40. Sorry, I don't have time to port NOSaprs 2.0 to TNOS 3.0 right now, even though I am a CVS developer for that project. I have too many things on my plate, perhaps down the road it will get done. Click here to see who else is using this software (list is updated from time to time) ...

Changes between NOSaprs 2.0 (JNOS 2.0) and the last cutting edge release of September, 2004 can be added to your JNOS 1.11f and TNOS 2.40 mods with this patch file. There is a readme file with details on what has changed, and what you need to change in your autoexec.nos file. This is only for JNOS 1.11f and TNOS 2.40 systems !!! Make sure you are at the last cutting edge source from September, 2004, BEFORE you apply the patch.

Click here for the last (cutting edge) source code updates from back in September, 2004.

Official release is 1.15b8
* always check the release history

Introduction  •  Documentation  •  Binaries (Runtime Configurations)  •  Live Data

Update Kits - TNOS 2.40 (linux)   •  JNOS 111f (linux & dos)


What is NOSaprs ? Click here for information and features. This is my implementation of an APRS Server (IGATE) for NOS systems. I started writing this server in the middle of April, 2001. This is a work in progress, and will never be complete. Please remember - I am married, and have 2 kids, and I also travel now and then due to my work, so I am not always in a position to answer my email in a timely manner, or update this software as often as some may like. If you have bug reports, or want new features, please let me know, and I'll see what I can do for you.


Finally - I have updated the documentation (user manual) so that it reflects more or less the latest version of NOSaprs (up to version 1.15b6). A preliminary release is now available here (23 pages) - feel free to proof read it. If you see any omissions, mistakes, or whatever, please let me know asap. I spent ALOT of time on this, and have tried to be as detailed as possible. There are four (4) formats available. 1) Use your web browser to view the HTML document online, 2) Use MS Wordpad to view the RTF (winzip), 3) Use any Linux RTF viewer/editor to view the RTF (linux gzip), or 4) Use MS Word 2000 to view the main MS Word 2000 document that all these formats are based on. Enjoy :-)

HTML   •  RTF (winzip)   •  RTF (linux gzip)   •  MS Word 2000

Click here for release history - summary of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes from release to release.

Update Kit for TNOS 2.40 - linux

I have create an update kit based on the latest TNOS 2.40 source distribution from Click here to download a gzip'd tar file of the update kit. Extract the contents of the update kit to your tnos (2.40) source directory, then recompile. If you do not have the latest TNOS 2.40 source distribution, then click here to download it from Brian's website. Note, this update overwrites a few files from the main source distribution.

Update Kits for JNOS 111f - linux or dos

I have created 2 update kits based on the standard JNOS 111f source distribution. Click here to download a gzip'd tar file of the update kit for linux, or here for a zip file of the update kit for DOS. Extract the contents of the update kit to your jnos (111f) source directory, edit your config.h to suit your needs, then do a recompile.

For the DOS version, I use Borland C++ 3.00 (1991), and my update kit is based on that very environment. Sooo, if you are using a different compiler or environment, sorry I won't be able to help you on that. Note in particular the and bcc.cfg files. The key APRS compiler definitions are in bcc.cfg, unlike the Linux version, where I put the key defines (most of them) in the makefile. Also, I found that if I used the file that came with the source distribution, I would get unresolved links at link time, so I had to add the names of the APRS object files to that file to fix that particular problem. If you are using the Borland C environment, and become frustrated, then feel free to email me, and I'll see what I can do to help out.

If you do not have the JNOS 111f source distribution, then click here to download it from the University of Lousiana FTP site. Note, this update overwrites a few files from the main source distribution.

Binaries (Runtime Configurations)

The binaries that were previously here, are no longer available. They really should not be used anymore since they break a few rules, breaks that I have fixed in more recent versions. Also, for those who have never used NOS before in their life, a binary is totally useless without configuration and support files. With that in mind, I've made available an archive file that contains a complete NOS configuration for you to play with.

This configuration is essentially the same one I use on my development system, and uses a JNOS 1.11f binary, with NOSaprs 1.16+ (september, 2004) compiled in. Please note, I only use NOS as a packet router - I have NOT included the full mailbox, bbs, FBB support, netrom, and most services into my compile - it's very stripped down (contains only smtp, finger, telnet, ttylink, and of course the NOSaprs). If you want the missing services included, you'll have to compile your own flavor - sorry, I just don't have time to do custom compiles anymore.

Click here for the archive file. The JNOS binary was compiled on a Slackware 9.1 machine, gcc 3.2.3, glibc 2.3.2. It runs fine on Slackware 9.1 and Red Hat 9.0 systems. Click here for instructions on what to do with the archive file, how to set everything up, and how to run it. Try it out - network connectivity will likely be the biggest challenge.

Live Data

Click here for the web-browser (html) version of the status of my NOSaprs development system.

There is also a text-based version, using the finger command, but it is not available at this time.

Development (Experimental) Releases

From time to time, I will release a development version (ie, very experimental, possibly unstable and possibly buggy). I do try to make sure that the version is reasonably stable, but no guarantees. These development versions are not official releases. Eventually some (or all) of the features will make it to a new official release down the road.

Finally - I have updates for both JNOS 1.11f and TNOS 2.40 systems.
* Backup your existing source files BEFORE you do this (just in case).

Click here for JNOS upgrade kit (includes axudp), or here for the TNOS upgrade.

Click here for important usage and upgrade notes. Make sure you READ it !

here's what you get

- my attempt to separate the APRS Igate and Server functionality from the
  "end-user" functions. You can now compile NOSaprs to function as a simple
  APRS messaging client for your "end-user" station, without all the internet
  system functionality.

- A prototype of my web interface for APRS messaging (available for either
  compile options).
Click here to see what the prototype looks like. This is nowhere near finished but it works.
- Broadcasting of WX Data from a file. See notes for more detail.

- Crude support for Kantronic KPC tncs, allowing you to "monitor only", and
  piping the heard traffic to the APRS internet system (great for HF perhaps).
  I had a bunch of old KPC-2 Packet Communicators lying around, so now I can
  put them to use.
I have lots more work to do, but I figured I should get something out to the masses for testing purposes and feedback.

* A token update 2.0 kit for NOS - March 7, 2005 - this page is more for
- reference now, since NOSaprs is now part of the JNOS 2.0 project !
* Finally - update 1.16+ kit for TNOS - Sept 13, 2004
* Started a new binary section for people to play with - Sept 9, 2004
* Updated 1.16+ (experimental complete update kit) - July 2, 2004
* Updated 1.16+ (experimental complete update kit) - June 17, 2004
* Reorganized page a bit - experimental section - June 9, 2004
* Released 1.16+ (experimental complete update kit) - May 23, 2004
* Main page now on - April 12, 2004
* Released 1.15b8 (complete update kit) - September 20, 2003
* Released 1.15b7 (patch) - Sept 3, 2003
* Fixed up page, AA6HF binary added - Jul 18, 2003
* Brand new documentation - Jul 12, 2003
* Released 1.15b6 (patch) - Jul 9, 2003
* Released 1.15b5 (patch) - Jun 26, 2003
* Released 1.15b4 (patch) - Mar 29, 2003
* Released 1.15b3 (beta) - Nov 18, 2002