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This software is a WIN32 application that provides an alternate method of integrating winsock applications into the ax25 world. It is a proxy server of sorts, that allows winsock clients to connect, and exchange data with any tcp/ip server, via any ax25 machine that is 1) reachable through the FlexNet32 interface, and 2) supports some form of raw telnet command.

In simpler terms, KLMProxy allows me to use winsock clients like Netscape Mail or Eudora Mail, to send mail (SMTP) and check mail (POP3) over a packet radio connection with our local TNOS BBS system. Binary files like pictures, zipfiles, etc, are fully supported. Just recently added, KLMProxy now let's me use any Telnet client, to 'telnet' to any site reachable from the ax25 host machine.

This is still a prototype. Services like HTTP, FTP, and others are on my todo list. I have tested KLMProxy on both NT and Windows 98 platforms with good results. I have used KLMProxy with ax25 machines running Xnet 1.22 and a modified* version of TNOS 2.30.

* There is a small catch for those using NOS type software. Those systems do not support a raw telnet option, however you can add that feature to the NOS, with a small software patch which I have made available in the download section of this website. A binary of the modified TNOS 2.30 is also included there, for those who are not able to compile their own version.

Legal and Disclaimers (please read)

This software is for amateur radio use only - you must have a valid amateur radio license to use this over RF links.

Depending on what country or part of the world you live in - Internet connectivity via packet radio may have restrictions imposed on it. These restrictions are written in LAW, so please be aware of the following point - This software gives you the ability to use your winsock applications to exchange data with the internet, via your packet radio equipment. This may or may NOT be legal in your country or your part of the world. It is your responsibility to follow the LAW in your part of the world. You have been warned...

This software is free of charge - use it at your own risk.

If you choose to use this software, I am not responsible for any damage done to the files on your or anyone elses computer. If you choose to use this software, I am not responsibile for any damage done to your or anyone elses computer, your or anyone elses radio equipment, your or anyone elses packet radio system(s), your or anyone elses internet gateway, and any other equipment or system that may have been in use while you were running the KLMProxy software.

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