September 2, 2021 by Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

JNOS 2.0 and VARA (EA5HVK) Modem - Access Mode (forwarding) Demo

This demo uses 2 desktops with basic soundcards. The soundcards are directly connected to each other using audio cables. One desktop is Windows 7, the other is Windows 10. Both of them are running the latest VARA HF (EA5HVK) modem software. The Windows 10 desktop is running the latest Winlink Express software. The Windows 7 desktop shows a VNC session to my JNOS 2.0 development system (which is linux), you can see both the JNOS console and the JNOS log scrolling along in a terminal above that. The VARA modem on the Windows 7 desktop is actually networked to my development system using openVPN. I have overlaid the VARA modem on the VNC session to make it easier to get it all into the one video clip.

NOTE : You can use VARA FM for this as well - it should be no different :]

This is very new, JNOS is strictly a client right now, it can only do outbound VARA connections, and only via the forward.bbs mechanism. In this demo, JNOS calls Winlink Express and picks off a message waiting for it. I will update these videos at a later date, showing multiple message transfers AND in both directions. Note VE4KLM is JNOS side, VE4KLM-1 is Winlink Express side. sorry, but I was only able to record TX audio from the Winlink Express side (lack of cables), next time.

Watch the videos in full screen for best detail, sorry if they come up HD, you can reduce to 480p ...

Video from the Winlink Express perspective

Here I compose a short test message on Winlink Express, making sure to 'Send as: Peer-to-Peer Message', then 'Post to Outbox', then I open a VARA HF P2P session. Once it comes up, I enter 'mbox ki Ve4klm' on the JNOS console in the VNC session on my Windows 7 box, after which a forward session will start.

Video from the JNOS 2.0 perspective

Here I enter 'mbox ki Ve4klm' in the JNOS console on the VNC session on my Windows 7 box. This will start the forwarding process to Winlink Express. You can watch the JNOS log scrolling by in the terminal above the JNOS console to see what's going on.