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 JNOS 2.0 with 3 interfaces, one radio, on 10.147.30 USB (dial) for now, south facing sloper (30m half wave dipole)
  (Teensy board for Robust Packet, MultiPSK soundcard for HF packet, and NinoTNC A4 board for HF packet)

  sloper antenna favoring SSSSE, tx and rx, Icom IC-706MKIIG, 30 watts

    [multipsk] - HF Packet CF = 10.149.30 USB

      [teensy] - Robust Packet CF = 10.148.80 USB

     [ninotnc] - HF Packet CF = 10.149 USB  (rx only)

archived heard lists •  current heard list (below, but the actual file) •  MAP ( of last 20 stations

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