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April 25, 2024 - 6W7RV on 10 meters - Southern Chile to Winnipeg

Talk about luck, conditions, unbelievable - certainly a good catch ...

*** thanks to WA4ZKO (Jeff) for keeping the community in the loop, otherwise this would have been missed ***

Used the spare 1/4 wave (30m) sloper aimed south, DX-394 Radio Shack Receiver, 28.148 USB Dial, SCS PTC-IIusb, Robust 300, kiss mode to another JNOS instance I was running. It was not setup to gate to the APRS internet system, but no matter, the packet trace below says it all, just one lone packet. I wrote a C program a few weeks later to decode the compressed latitude and longitude, which was then passed to to map the location.

Thu Apr 25 13:06:28 2024 - scsptc recv:
KISS: Port 0 Data
AX25: 6W7RV-10->APTSCS v RPN1-1 UI pid=Text
0000  00 82 a0 a8 a6 86 a6 e0 6c ae 6e a4 ac 40 74 a4  .. (&.&`l.n$,@t$
0010  a0 9c 62 40 40 63 03 f0 2f 31 38 30 32 33 30 68   .b@@c.p/180230h
0020  2f 62 79 22 3e 3c 22 32 3f 52 3f 6d 57 4f 6e 20  /by"><"2?R?mWOn 
0030  74 68 65 20 72 6f 61 64 20 61 67 61 69 6e 2e 20  the road again. 
0040  37 33                                            73

Click here to download source file - uncompposit.c

   make uncompposit

Then use a browser to visit the link below

April 8, 2024 - Third iteration of Multi-Mode operation (RX + TX on all 3 ports now)

Click here for an updated system diagram with notes (last update was Sept 10)
* ninotnc, multipsk, and teensy, one radio, one dial frequency

Warning : this design does not protect against collisions. One comment I received; Should the ptt not raise dcd on the other modems to avoid collisions ? Yes it should, but I'm not sure how, since these are all kiss based interfaces. But then another comment received; The audio tones are all in different domains or frequencies and so the outgoing audio should be fine. So what to do ? I should reiterate; This is mostly a monitoring system, with rare transmissions (aside from the regular beacon transmissions, coordinated between ports) - but still ...

Click here for real time heard lists (updated every 15 minutes) ...

* still working on putting together a write up of my latest JNOS configuration running on Slackware Live

December 19, 2023 - Another Antenna, Radio (RX only), and second HF packet interface

Put up a 30m 1/4 wave sloper (with vertical counterpose) favoring SSE, connected to a Radio Shack DX-394,
which in turn feeds a NinoTNC A4 board, giving me a second (floater) HF packet port, so that I can monitor other
frequencies or other bands, and if I find something interesting, can leave it there for a while.

The spare was initially setup because I noticed packet activity 300 hz down from the 'official' 30m APRS
HF packet frequency, but then it made more sense to just take the audio from my existing transceiver to feed the
NinoTNC, since the dial frequency was already where I needed it (for the time being), so much for a spare.

Sept 10, 2023 - Second iteration of Multi-Mode operation (RX + TX on both ports now)


Click here for an updated system diagram with notes (original was August 11)

August 22, 2023 (edited Sept 3) - Real Time Heard Lists (updated every 15 minutes)

Click here for the latest report, and here for my JNOS script [ at now+0015 "source report.nos+" ]

August 19, 2023 - 30m Dipole (South Facing Sloper) back in Operation

Trying to tune a 17m half wave dipole down to 30m (for several weeks) was a big waste of my time
(you would think I would learn by now, nope, nobody was hearing me, much better now)

August 11, 2023 - First iteration of Multi-Mode operation

JNOS 2.0 with dual modems, single radio, 30m band, 10.147.30 USB (dial), 20 watts out, south facing sloper dipole
(Teensy board for Robust Packet, and MultiPSK soundcard with 1900/2100 mark/space for 300 baud HF Packet)

Click here for a system diagram with notes (updated Sept 10)

July, 2023 - Operational on HF again

I decided to put up a new sloper, cut for 17m, but tunable to 20 or 30, sloping to the south. The main reason was to test the latest VARA code revamp (courtesy of Michael Ford, WZ0C) for JNOS, and we managed to connect on 17m in mid July, Winnipeg to Massachusetts, pretty cool actually. But other then that, I am hearing hardly a soul on the bands, and as much as I want to keep a full time BBS and APRS Igate in operation on 17m (robust packet), I wonder to myself "what's the point" of burning out an already old transceiver. The station could be a lot more useful perhaps, if only I could figure out how to make it a multi-mode operation, without the need to physically switch hardware and cables, and with just the one radio ? That would be an accomplishment actually. The reality is that my property is not well suited for multiple antenna systems - and I am not cutting down my big trees ...

Even on 30m, it's not terribly busy, especially since K4KPN disappeared some months ago, so we'll see what kind of schedule I can manage. I figure 17m during daylight, and 30m during the dark hours, all depends how the HAP chart looks for Winnipeg. I have thought to just hook up a couple of old short wave rigs instead and leave them running 24/7. You never know if someone has an emergency and you need to be there to gate that one packet that could save a life or make a persons situation much better - Perhaps I am being way too idealistic ?

June 19, 2022 - Off the Air

I decided to take down my antennas today. The SWR is terrible on my sloper, and there are NO users on 17m, just a couple of fluke packets heard from OH6DL back in April, and pre-planned operations with WA7GMX, W7BMH, and a few others way back when, which I appreciated. At the same time, this is feeling much like my original packet radio days, just the same few callsigns on most days, but less of them lately. The house needs roof work anyways, so what better time to take a break. I will try and get some new antennas put up again in the 'fall' (hopefully) ...

Old legacy stuff, needs to be properly archived and/or cleaned up

BBS Access - Robust Packet Radio on HF


Mid Evening to Mid Morning - 10.147.30 USB Dial (30m)

During the Day (Depending on Conditions) - 18.108 USB Dial (17m)


South Facing Sloper Dipole (30m)

Square Wire Halo 10 ft above my house (17m)

Robust Packet Modem - Teensy 4.0 RPR (v0.58)

(homebrew interface, optocoupler PTT, couple of audio isolation transformers)


Connect to VE4KLM for BBS, or VE4KLM-2 for keyboard

Use VE4KLM for APRS traffic

Click here for archived heard lists ...

The System Diagram of the WinRPR setup - with autoexec.nos (just networking)

self designed ptt circuit (with rig protection) / based on this article from 2002

   * article by Roger Barker (G4IDE), silent key in 2004, presenting a circuit by G8AMG from 1994

BBS Access - Web Based (Secure) on Internet

Propagation Tools and HAP Charts

Reverse Beacon Network (17m)

HF Systems (Australian Government)

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