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Sunday, June 19, 2022

I decided to take down my antennas today. The SWR is terrible on my sloper, and there are NO users on 17m, just a couple of fluke packets heard from OH6DL back in April, and pre-planned operations with WA7GMX, W7BMH, and a few others way back when, which I appreciated. At the same time, this is feeling much like my original packet radio days, just the same few callsigns on most days, but less of them lately. The house needs roof work anyways, so what better time to take a break. I will try and get some new antennas put up again in the 'fall' (hopefully) ...

BBS Access - Robust Packet Radio on HF


Mid Evening to Mid Morning - 10.147.30 USB Dial (30m)

During the Day (Depending on Conditions) - 18.108 USB Dial (17m)


South Facing Sloper Dipole (30m)

Square Wire Halo 10 ft above my house (17m)

Robust Packet Modem - Teensy 4.0 RPR (v0.58)

(homebrew interface, optocoupler PTT, couple of audio isolation transformers)


Connect to VE4KLM for BBS, or VE4KLM-2 for keyboard

Use VE4KLM for APRS traffic

Archived Heard Lists and former WinRPR setup

Teensy Modem - 17m  •  30m    WinRPR Modem - 17m  •  30m

The System Diagram of the WinRPR setup - with autoexec.nos (just networking)

self designed ptt circuit (with rig protection) / based on this article from 2002

   * article by Roger Barker (G4IDE), silent key in 2004, presenting a circuit by G8AMG from 1994

BBS Access - Web Based (Secure) on Internet

Propagation Tools and HAP Charts

Reverse Beacon Network (17m)

HF Systems (Australian Government)

Winnipeg •  UK •  Bolivia •  Australia

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