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Latest Manuals

   JNOS 2.0 Addendum - overrides / supplements original documentation (UPDATED)

   JNOS 2.0 Release History - anytime you do an update of the official release, important information

   JNOS 2.0 Development Code - new ideas and features I am working on, as well as quick fixes (NEW)

   VARA Software Modem Support - prototype IP Bridge for HF and FM applications

Early attempts at JNOS 2.0 User Manuals

   Plain Text • Rich Text Format • Microsoft Word (Office XP 2002)

Other Projects

   NOSaprs - The APRS side of JNOS 2.0 (dated)

   KLMproxy - An old PC/FlexNet API project

Books, Mailing Lists, Other Websites

   NOSintro TCP/IP over Packet Radio - by Ian Wade G3NRW

   NOS-BBS Mailing List - hosted by the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) group

   KB8OJH Packet Page - by Ethan Blanon KB8OJH

Original JNOS 1.11f User Manuals

   complete documents (all in one zip file), click here to download.

   User manual by Robert Fahnestock (WH6IO) and James P. Dugal (N5KNX), click here to download.

Other attempts at Documentation

   Please check the archive of archive and archive areas.

   I need to sort through it, things are dated, NEWS section of 'archive' might have useful info.

* last updated on Thursday, July 28, 2022