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Latest (linux) Version is 2.0m (beta)

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What's happening ? things worth noting perhaps ...

13Oct2019 - New version 2.0m (beta) - read the release hisstory for details.

03Aug2019 - Now able to accept packet connections from Winlink (RMS) Express
            clients, and go direct to CMS servers, just like an RMS node. I
            just need to cleanup the code before I release any updates.

02Jul2019 - Very excited about a couple of things, first off, rediscovered the
            software combo of Paxon and PC/Flexnet32, still works in Windows 7
            and it's been 15 years ? Excellent for an AXUDP packet terminal !

            Now have base infrastructure in place to support packet connections
            from Winlink (RMS) Express clients and go direct to CMS servers. I
            was asked to support this, so making some good progress on it.

  Mar2019 - Been working on a new xterm based session manager as an alternative
            to ncurses. A previous maintainer of JNOS actually has it listed in
            the code as something they wanted to do years ago. I have made some
            progress, but ran into a major snag, and quite honestly ? I am not
            so sure I like the idea anymore, so giving it a break for a while.
HOW TO install JNOS onto a Raspberry Pi
* or on any PC for that matter

includes a compendium of all the major config files used to set up a working JNOS node (as well as for a Hamgate) including instructions how to edit them, allowing anybody to configure a node without assistance, but they will help if you get stuck or confused.

* last updated on Sunday, October 13, 2019 ...