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Latest version is JNOS 2.0m.5Gz (for linux) ...

 • Download / Compile / Install  • Release History  • Development Code (NEW)

 • Exactly what is JNOS ? and important copyrights and credits

 • JNOS 2.0 is now MIME aware when delivering to local mail areas (NEW)

 • Believe it or not, JNOS 2.0 has a rudamentary form of Multi Factor Authentication.

Trying to keep Radio in Amateur Radio - some recent projects

   * Mark Phillips having success with JNOS and a NinoTNC (NEW)

   * My latest HF modem is a Teensy RPR board, works quite well

 • Full blast TCP/IP over VARA demonstration
Check out my VARA (research) link at the top of this page, demonstration videos of
JNOS 2.0 forwarding with a Winlink Express client, an IP bridge between two JNOS 2.0
systems, and an FTP session over IP between two JNOS 2.0 systems. These were concept
projects to see what I could with the VARA software (last year) - more to do though.

* last updated on Thursday, January 26, 2023 ...