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Latest Official Version (linux) 2.0m.1

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Traffic stats for a few JNOS interfaces (click image for more)

What's happening ? things worth noting perhaps ...

25May2020 - perhaps 2.0n was an exercise in getting 'carried away' ?
             (read the release history please for an update)

07Apr2020 - sanity check, emailed my Winlink account from outside, still able
            to pick off my messages from the Winlink CMS server using JNOS.

02Mar2020 - The source is available on my github account again

28Feb2020 - What started off as version 2.0m.1 has now been released as
            version 2.0n.beta - radical changes to password management,
            so I had no choice but to change the version MAJOR.

Been playing with the SCS PTC-IIusb modem again, HF conditions not great.

03Aug2019 - Now able to accept packet connections from Winlink (RMS) Express
            cients, and go direct to CMS servers, just like an RMS node. I
            just need to cleanup the code before I release any updates.
HOW TO install JNOS onto a Raspberry Pi
* or on any PC for that matter

includes a compendium of all the major config files used to set up a working JNOS node (as well as for a Hamgate) including instructions how to edit them, allowing anybody to configure a node without assistance, but they will help if you get stuck or confused.

* last updated Saturday morning, June 13, 2020 ...