Speed Skating out of Manitoba

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One of my sons is part way through his 11th season of speed skating, and is already heading to his second World Junior championships in Helsinki, after having qualified at the World Junior trials in Saskatoon this past weekend. Last year around the same time, he represented Canada at his first World Junior championships in Changchun, China, fetching himself a silver medal in the team pursuit. This past October, he participated in his first World Cup trials.

Some of my photo galleries (wide variety of skaters, not just my own son), just click on either image ...

* 2016 Oval Invitational and
   World Cup Trials in Calgary

* 2017 Canadian Junior Championships
   and Canada Cup #3 in Saskatoon

I regularly volunteer as a referee or track steward for our local organizations, but also try to participate at national events when opportunities are there. The experience and development you get out of national meets is huge, especially when local opportunities are limited, and you want to stay current with the sport. This past season, fortune has allowed me to assistant referee for Oval Invitational and World Cup Trials, Can Am International, and Canadian Single Distance Championships and Canada Cup #2, all in Calgary. For the season before, my time and energy was actually focused towards electronic photo cell timing, resulting in it's use for Canadian Junior Championships and Canada Cup #3 here in Winnipeg last February of 2016.

  • Click here to visit my electronic timing 'research' page
  • Some crazy ideas like temperature regulated enclosures for outdoor use, a 'do it yourself' electronic starting pistol, electronics, schematics, pictures, videos, how to export TDC (timing computer) data for use in Excel, building cable harnesses over the ice, connections to photocell units, etc. At some point I would like to have a live results page for our organization.

  • The Manitoba Speed Skating Association (MSSA) is our provincial organization.
  • The St. James Speed Skating Club (SJSSC) is the club our family is associated with.
  • * last updated and checked on Thursday, February 2, 2017 ...