How to get JNOS to forward to WinLink 2000 (WL2K) systems over a TCP/IP telpac connection

The telpac connections seem to be like the early XFBB sessions, only the CR (carriage return) is used at the end of line, which can be dealt with easily, since JNOS already has a 'cronly' option that can be passed in the forward.bbs file. So why not just use the 'cronly' option ? Because it seems that WL2K also does not like FA proposals, so I needed a way to force JNOS to use FB proposals. As a result, I created a new 'telpac' option to deal with both issues.

Here is what you need to do

1) Add the following (example only) entry to your '/jnos/spool/forward.bbs' file :
tcp 12001 telpac
+Callsign :
+Password :
* Please show Steve (K4CJX) some courtesy and change the k4cjx to the actual winlink server you want to forward with. Available servers are listed in the Telpac documents at Winlink. If you don't have a particular winlink server in mind, try and keep experimental forwarding to a minimum, since it is a *production* system used worldwide ...

2) In my '/jnos/spool/rewrite' file, I added the following (example) entry :

*@k4cjx* k4cjx

3) From the BBS prompt, I then composed a message 'SP K4CJX@K4CJX', waited for the SMTP to take care of it, then did a 'mbox ki k4cjx'. Later on in the day I did a 'mbox ki K4cjx' (note the capital K which forces reverse fwding), and I received a short reply from him. You can send to anyone else as well, for example 'SP VE4KLM@K4CJX', and I'll be able to pick it off any of the WL2K servers either using telpac forwarding or with my DXP38 on HF :-)

At the JNOS sysop console, enter 'mbox trace on' for full debugging to see how the session moves along. If you have problems, that information is very important for me to see if I am to fix any issues you run into.

To summarize, I was able to forward a message from JNOS to Steve's (K4CJX) winlink server over a tcpip telpac connection, then pick off the response he left for me later. Pretty neat.

What's even more cool, is that I can email ve4klm AT winlink DOT org from my commercial email account, then use 'mbox ki K4cjx' and pick it off Steve's WL2K server over the telpac forward. What's more important to note about the WinLink 2000 system is that you can telpac or HF forward to ANY of the WL2K servers to pick your message off.

That particular feature of not needing to access a particular box to get your messages is VERY powerful in my opinion, and I've been thinking about adopting the same feature for a future version of JNOS. Very nice indeed !

That's all for now. Remember, this is experimental.

Please REPORT any problems so that I can fix them. Thank you.

* Updated February 7, 2008 to reflect latest 2.0f release ...

* Last work done April 23, 2006 - Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM