White Page (WP) Support in JNOS

Most of the WP code (including all of the database portion) comes from the TNOS 2.30 software by Brian Lantz. I think it's worth trying it out, saves me from having to reinvent the wheel. My contribution is when using the 'SP' command and you are given options to incorporate WP information. As well, each user can set their own preference as to how they want WP information to show up when using the 'SP' command.

Important : You MUST use JNOS 2.0j.1 - a serious bug exists in the original 2.0j release !

JNOS will *harvest* WP information as bulletins and messages pass through the system (smtp), checking mail headers for R: lines and so on. JNOS can also be configured to process incoming 'WP@WW' messages and add their contents to the WP database.

This document reflects what is available in the latest JNOS 2.0j.1 release.

There are several sections to this document :

The Database

  The database resides under the '/jnos/spool/wp' directory, and consists of the following files :

  Do NOT hand edit the database files - chances are you will corrupt them !!!

Database Processing

Every so often it is necessary to process the white page database. Whenever information comes in, it is not immediately transferred into the main files, it should be allowed to sit in a holding area if you want to call it that. The purpose of doing it this way is to minimize the chance of corrupting the main files, and possibly weeding out improper or transient white page data.

Processing is initiated through the wp kick and/or wp timer console commands.

The *.new and *.tmp files disappear after processing is done, but reappear as new data comes in.

Processing also includes deleting expired entries and sorting the main database files.

Refer to the wp age and wp temporaryage console commands to set expiry times.

possible gotcha : The TNOS code actually shutdown existing forwarding sessions and mailboxes before processing was started. I don't do this in JNOS (yet) since it's not really necessary to go to those extremes. Just be warned it may not be a great idea to do processing while WP updates are coming in or if smtp is in the middle of parsing out WP data during a delivery. It has not been a very big concern for me so far, because I know when my forwarding partners schedule their runs. This will be dealt with in a subsequent version. I just want everyone to know about it, that's all.

Sending Updates to Other Systems

JNOS can be configured to send white page updates to other systems.

disclaimer : I have not tested this feature 'yet' !

Use the wp destinations console command to specify the systems you want updates sent to.

Then initiate updates using the wp update console command.

The update.wp file disappears after an update run, but will reappear as new data comes in.

Console Commands

Anything in square brackets (ie, [ number of days ]) is optional. If you run any of these commands without the optional argument(s), you will see a current value or some other pertinent piece of information displayed for that command.

For a basic system, all you need to do is add wp client on to your 'autoexec.nos' file. Also add in wp server on if you want JNOS to add incoming wp@ww bulletins to your white page database (in which case make sure you have a rewrite file rule that rewrites 'wp' to 'wp@ww' - probably you already do).

User (BBS) Commands

Preference File Location

  The WP interaction preference for a particular user is stored as a *.wpp file (ie, ve4klm.wpp).

  These files are currently located under the '/jnos/spool/mail' directory (to be changed later).

TNOS users please read (serious bug in WP code)

  The original TNOS code still has a serious bug.

  If you want me to fix it for you, send me an email, and I'll patch your code.

* April 25, 2012 by Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM