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I have been wanting to write a brand new document from scratch for the longest of time. The challenge has been to make it a practical document, not just a list of commands. This is a long term project. Topics are added as time permits - I am a very busy person, and do not always have the time. If you have something to contribute, please do ! You will get credit for it, just remember it may not make it onto the page the same week ...

Integrating Winlink using CMS Telnet (today in 2013)

Telpac is obsolete - replaced by CMS Telnet servers.

  • click here for brand new (July 17, 2013) documentation on how to use JNOS with Winlink CMS servers.
  • White Pages

  • click here for brand new (April 25, 2012) WP documentation (quite detailed).
  • SNMP Server

  • setup and general information
  • creating MRTG pages
  • Networking

  • click here for a diagram (poster) of my JNOS configuration
  • with the linux box on which your JNOS is running on
  • with the LAN on which the linux box is running on
  • beyond the LAN and to the rest of the world
  • Software Modems

    Notification of New Mail

  • tell user when they first connect and while they are on the bbs
  • broadcasting a mail beacon on interfaces
  • flag the sysop on the main console
  • * last updated on Wednesday, July 17, 2013