* PK232 notes for JNOS 2.0f4 - Originally from December 9, 2008 *


There are two new files you need to put under your /jnos runtime directory :

   232.cfg	This one contains all the TNC parameters needed in order
          	for the new JNOS 2.0f4 hostmode driver to work properly.

   232.nos	This one is sourced from the command line (or from within
          	the autoexec.nos, and starts the Pactor listener.

You can download these files (browser, wget, curl) using the URLs below :




Do NOT 'source 232.nos' until you have done the following first :

Even though there is code to put the TNC into hostmode, this beta still
requires you to make sure that the PK232 is in command mode, and that you
have the correct baud rate in affect. I use minicom, set the baud rate of
the program to 9600 baud, and all you need is to make sure that the cmd:
prompt can be made to appear. Once you have the cmd: prompt appearing,
then quit minicom (don't reset the tnc).

Edit the 232.cfg file, the only thing you need to change is the MYPT
parameter. It's currently set to my callsign (VE4KLM). PLEASE MAKE SURE
you change the callsign to your own ! This requirement will be taken out
at a later date, and the callsign will be taken from mycall or something
like that.

Start the Pactor Listener

Enter the command, 'source 232.nos' from the JNOS console or you can put
it at the end of your 'autoexec.nos' file. The first time ever, you should
see the automatic initialization of the TNC into hostmode for you. You can
watch the sequence by turning on HFDD debugging (hfdd debug). Once the init
is finished, alot of polling stuff will be sent to the log file, so unless
you need to send me debug info, I would suggest you switch HFDD debugging
off again (and leave it off). Just type in 'hfdd debug' again to stop the

Note the 'hfdd debug' is a toggle command. You don't specify the value ON
or OFF - it just changes from ON to OFF to ON to OFF, and so on, each time
you type in the command, 'hfdd debug'.

Once the listener is going, try and see if you can get a remote pactor client
like Airmail or whatever to connect to your JNOS 2.0f4 system.

FEC Broadcasts

You can now do an FEC broadcast - will send something like :


when you use the command 'hfdd server 232 unproto'.

What about outgoing calls - does not work, but ...

Yes, you can do a 'mbox kick ' and JNOS 2.0f4 will initiate an
outgoing connect to a remote pactor system. It will actually connect, and
the remote system will be able to send it's SID and all that, but I have
run into a problem where a suddent disconnect is happening. So that part
is not available in working form, but you can try it to see what happens
if you really really want.

73 de Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

* http://www.langelaar.net/jnos2

Copyright (c) 2008 by Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM