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JNOS WIN32 Project

It's time to focus on the windows version of JNOS 2.0, and in the interest of keeping up with modern times, I have moved the JNOS WIN32 development to Windows 7 Pro and Visual Studio C++ 2012 Express. For now I am sticking with the Winpcap libraries for network connectivity (my attempt at using raw Winsock calls is failing me miserably).

I have not given up on linux at all, but you can only do so much with it. It's just time to get this working on an O/S that seems to have the biggest 'market share' of potential users if I may word it that way (and I need a challenge).

Click here if you are interested in this project, and please keep in mind, it is still quite experimental at this stage.

* last updated on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 ...