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Latest News

Now at version 2.0j.7r (linux) :

  Release History • Download • via GitHub

Try out the NEW network based compile and install. Just download one of the builder programs below :

64 bit (linux only)

  • RHEL 6 variants
  • Mint Linux / Ubuntu variants
  • Slackware 14

32 bit (linux only)

  • RHEL 5 variants

The builder checks your system for required software tools, then downloads the latest source for JNOS and its installer, compiles them on your machine, then runs the installer, giving you a basic JNOS configuration to play with.

Yes, there is a windows 7 version. This is native windows code (not the DOS version). I did some heavy work on it during March and April of 2014. You can use it with Winmor, Multi PSK, and AGW PE software modems.

For more details on the latest news, or if you wish to check for news from way back when, please visit the News section.

  * World wide map of what places are using rsync (last 3+ yrs) to get source code.

  * World wide map of what places are getting source code (last 3+ yrs) using tar.gz file.

* last updated on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 ...