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For the last 10.5 years I have been running an IBM PC Server 315 - the only OS ever installed on it was Slackware 9.1.0 (from September 2003) - with various hardware TNCs to do my packet. This past weekend I moved up in the world and am now running Scientific Linux 7.1 on an older Dell Optiplex 330. The TNC is no more, it's pure soundcard packet now, using Thomas Sailers soundmodem, with a homebrew interface direct to a reconditioned Icom IC28H. This stuff is rock solid. My old TNCs were nothing like this, but in all fairness I'm sure the capacitors were failing, the filters were out of alignment, and so on.

I wish I had done this years ago ...

* soundmodem can be found here.

Now at version 2.0j.7t (linux) :

  Release History • Download • via GitHub

Try out the NEW network based compile and install. Just download one of the builder programs below :

64 bit (linux only)

  • RHEL 6 variants
  • Mint Linux / Ubuntu variants
  • Slackware 14

32 bit (linux only)

  • RHEL 5 variants

The builder checks your system for required software tools, then downloads the latest source for JNOS and its installer, compiles them on your machine, then runs the installer, giving you a basic JNOS configuration to play with.

Yes, there is a windows 7 version. This is native windows code (not the DOS version). I did some heavy work on it during March and April of last year. You can use it with Winmor, Multi PSK, and AGW PE software modems.

* last updated on Monday, June 29, 2015 ...