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New code to satisfy the Winlink Secure Login requirements, and an interim fix for those trying to resolve hostnames having a Top Level Domain (TLD) length larger then 4 characters.

Sorry, but I have been on the road quite a bit lately, so updates have been far and few between.

Latest Version is 2.0j.7u (linux)

 • Release History

 • Download from this site

 • Use GitHub (older code)

Click here for my revamped MRTG traffic graphs, now using MRTG + RRDTOOL to generate them, much nicer, more flexible.

Yes, there is a windows 7 version. This is native windows code (not the DOS version). The last work I did on it was a year and half ago (March/April 2014). You can use it with Winmor, Multi PSK, and AGW PE software modems.

* last updated Tuesday, December 8, 2015 ...